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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." – Benjamin Franklin


Année Scolaire
Lycée Jean Paul
de Rocca-Serra

20137 Porto-Vecchio

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Francesca and Trajan

2nde euro


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Thomas, Romane et André

2nde Euro


We advise you the European Section because the lessons will enable you to increase your English level. There are a lot of projects and even school trips. It isn't a traditional class, it's kind of more fun and more relaxed.

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Francesca-Maria and Amelia

1ère euro


"Approfondissement de la langue, travail de l'oral et enrichissement du vocabulaire. Tout ça dans une atmosphère agréable et décontractée. La section européenne est parfaite pour ceux qui souhaitent faire évoluer leur maîtrise de la langue de Shakespeare. Les mathématiques en anglais ne sont pas si difficiles que l'on pourrait croire!"

Serena and Marie 

1ere euro 


Choosing the European section was a very good idea. Thanks to this option we improved our English and also our culture about the "English-speaking world". Before every lesson we are very happy to go there because we enjoy a lot projects, indeed in the European section we made projects in way that isn't formal and annoying like it could be in the other subjects. 

The European section is a good way to improve your english and enrich your vocabulary trough projects like organising mock  presitendial election or creating a European canteen menu.

We've been in the European section for 2 years now and it never feels like a class, it's just a place where we all work together or in groups. At first we were worrying about the mathematics section because we have never been good at maths but it is actually pretty easy and understandable.

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